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GEN-3 Offset Cup Inserter
  • Cup impactor handle (inserter) compatible with all leading cup implants, including...
    • Stryker
    • DePuy
    • Zimmer
    • DJO
    • Smith & Nephew
    • MicroPort
    • ...and all others.
  • Available from OrthoGroup in 3 configurations:
    • Straight
    • Offset
    • In-Line.
  • Superior ergonomic design.
  • Modular design - one cup driver will fit most cup interfaces or impactor heads.
  • Easy to clean – no disassembly required.
  • Proximal knob tightens or loosens cup implant using the Rigid-Link™ drive.
GEN-3 Straight Cup Inserter
GEN-3 In-line Cup Inserter

Orthogroup Catalog Numbers - GEN-3 Cup Inserters

    Straight    Offset   In-line
Depuy™  OP0293 OP0324  OP0337
Microport™  OP0292 OP0323  OP0336
Stryker™  OP0281 OP0312  OP0325
Stryker ADM™  OP0282 OP0313   OP0326
Zimmer™  OP0284 OP0315  OP0328
Smith & Nephew™  OP0283 OP0314  OP0327
Biomet™  OP0287 OP0318  OP0331
Hayes™  OP0285 OP0316  OP0329
Stelkast™, Rim-Style  OP0288 OP0319  OP0332
Stelkast™, Apex-Style  OP0289 OP0320  OP0333
Lima™  OP0290 OP0321  OP0334
Eska™ OP0291 OP0322 OP0335

Cup Inserter Accessories

Universal Impactor Head (Tamp) OP0054
Anteversion Alignment Guide (Snap Style) OP0031
Anteversion Alignment Guide (Clamp Style) OP0207
Cup Inserter Wrench (Head Removal) OP0068
Torque Handle OP0029
ADM Adapter Set (46L/R-64L/R) OP0210