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GEN-3 Broach Handle for DSA and Percutaneous Assisted Total Hip procedures

GEN-3 Broach Handle for DSA and Percutaneous Assisted Total Hip procedures

  • Available in 4 varieties:
    • Straight
    • Neutral
    • Anterior Approach (Right & Left)
    • DSA (for Direct Superior Approach and Percutaneous Assisted Total Hip procedures).
  • Surgically proven form with smooth, anatomic contours.
  • Low-Profile lock handle secures broaches with ease.
  • Surgeon-favorite soft and ergonomic grip handle improves grip for precision of broach version.
  • Enlarged strike plate for precise retrograde impaction.
  • Removable version bar: positions per surgeon preference.
  • Designed for all major implant systems including:
    • Stryker
    • DePuy
    • DJO
    • Zimmer
    • Smith & Nephew
    • StelKast
    • MicroPort
    • ...and more.
  • Custom design requests welcomed.

GEN-3 Broach Handle, Straight

GEN-3 Broach Handle, Anterior Approach, Right and Left

Orthogroup GEN-3 Broach Handle, Neutral

GEN-3 Broach Handle, Neutral

Orthogroup Catalog Numbers - GEN-3 Broach Handles

Assisted Total Hip
Anterior Approach            Neutral                      Straight         
Biomet™ OP0403  OP0386 OP0376 OP0342
Depuy™ OP0404 OP0387 OP0378 OP0344
DJO™  OP0400 OP0373 OP0374 OP0363
Microport™  OP0405 OP0388 OP0357 OP0340
Omni K1™ OP0406 OP0389 OP0379 OP0346
Ortho Development™ OP0407 OP0391 OP0380 OP0347
Smith & Nephew™ OP0408 OP0392 OP0381 OP0345
Stelkast™ OP0409 OP0385 OP0384 OP0341
Stryker Accolade™ OP0410 OP0372 OP0382 OP0338
   Stryker Secur-Fit Advance™    OP0411 OP0390 OP0377  OP0339
Zimmer™ OP0412 OP0393 OP0383  OP0343