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Box OsteotomeBox Osteotome

  • Box osteotome (cookie cutter) designed by Orthogroup, Inc.
  • Fits any broach/rasp connection.
  • Integrates seamlessly onto existing handles.
  • No need for a separate instrument.
  • Easily cut and remove bone from the femur to prepare for broach insertion.


For additional information contact Customer Service: (800) 709-4127

Orthogroup Catalog Numbers - Box Osteotomes

OP0311 Box Osteotome, (Microport™)
OP0299 Box Osteotome, (Depuy™)
OP0309 Box Osteotome, (Stryker™ Accolade)
OP0300 Box Osteotome, (DJO™)
OP0310 Box Osteotome, ( Stryker™ Secur-Fit Advance)
OP0304 Box Osteotome, (Zimmer™)
OP0303 Box Osteotome, (Smith & Nephew™)
OP0298 Box Osteotome, (Biomet ™)
OP0301 Box Osteotome, (Omni Life Science K1™)
OP0302 Box Osteotome, (Ortho Development™)
OP0308 Box Osteotome, (Stelkast™)